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Berg en Dal Kennels


Berg en Dal caters for all dogs on a “Night-quarter/ Camp” system. Furthermore, dogs are communally kenneled, with compatible “friends”, where they romp around and play in spacious shady camps all day long. This socializing has proved to be a huge success as dogs are pack animals. Obviously this system cannot be applied to dogs more prone to fight, e.g. Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terrier, which are and can be kenneled separately and individually. The socializing of animals is an expertise acquired over many years and requires the continuous personal involvement of Wieske and her team.

All camps have trees, lapa’s (or some form of shade) and fresh water that are also provided on a continuous basis. The concept of a “farm holiday” for your pet is achieved as best we can.

Sleeping Quarters

The snug sleeping quarters have raised platform beds with an abundance of blankets, especially during the winter months.


In addition to high quality pellets, meaty soup is given over the pellets. This aids in the success of our unique system, because the animals normally eat very well.


*Please note that all rates quoted on the website are indicative only and subject to a final written quotation.

  • Chihuahua
  •  Chinese Crested
  •  Dachshund
  •  Dobarman Pincher
  •  Maltese
  •  Miniature Poodle
  •  Miniature Pincher
  •  Papillon
  •  Pikinese
  •  Toy-Pom
  •  Pug
  •  Yorkshire Terrier
  •  Schipperke
  • Jack-Russell Terrier
  •  Fox Terrier
  •  Wire-hair Terrier
  •  Basset Hound
  •  Beagle
  •  Boston Terrier
  •  King Charles Spaniel
  •  Corgi
  •  Cocker Spaniel
  •  Italian Greyhound
  •  Miniature Schnauzer
  •  Scottish Terrier
  •  Whippet
  •  Bull Dog
  •  Border Collie
  •  Springer Spaniel
  •  Medium Crossbreeds
  •  Collie
  • Afghan hound
  •  Airdale Terrier
  •  Malamut
  •  Belgium Shepard
  •  Bloodhound
  •  Bouvier
  •  Bokser
  •  German Pointer
  •  Dalmation
  •  German Shepard
  •  Golden Retriever
  •  Labrador
  •  Ridgeback
  •  Husky
  •  Standard Poodle
  •  Vizsla
  •  Weimeraner
  • Giant Schnauzer
  •  Dreat dane
  •  St Bernard
  •  Bullmastive

*Only valid during December / January holidays

  • American Staffies
  •  Australian Cattle Dog
  •  Black Russian Terrier
  •  Bull Terrier
  •  Boerboel
  •  Staffordshire Terrier
  •  Shar-Pei
  •  Chow-Chow
  •  Rottweiler