Dog Kennels and Cattery in Pretoria East

Wieske 082 461 0460
Antoinette 079 498 3440


What are the drop off and collection times?

You are welcome to drop off or collect your pet during these times: Monday to Saturday; Mornings 8am – 9am and afternoons 4pm – 5pm. We...

How far in advance do I need to make reservations?

We ALWAYS have space for your pet, except during the December holidays when bookings are essential.   Bookings for December open in August of...

Can I see where my pet is being housed?

You are welcome to come and view our facility before your pets stay, during office hours only, Monday to Saturday; 8-9am and 4-5pm.

What vaccinations are required at Berg and Dal Kennels for dog and cat boarding?

The following vaccinations are required and vaccination certificates must accompany the pet when dropped off at Berg & Dal Kennel:


Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee but we will appreciate it if you let us know if your plans change. For December bookings you will lose your deposit an...

Should I bring my pets own food and personal items?

If your dog or cat is on a special diet for medical reasons you must bring their own food. We use Montego. You are welcome to bring your dog’...

Is there an extra fee for administering medicine?

Yes, we charge R300 extra per pet to administer any medicine required for the duration of their stay.

Can you keep my dogs together?

Through the year it is no problem because we have enough space. During December which is high season, dogs are being placed according to size, bree...

Can my dogs be housed together but in a separate camp during December holidays?

Yes we have chalet camps available but these are more costly and must be booked in advance.

Does my pet need to have parasite treatment?

We strongly recommend the use of preventive flea and tick treatment as well as a regular deworming program for all your pets. Several options are a...