Dog Kennels and Cattery in Pretoria East

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Berg en Dal Kennels and Cattery in Pretoria


Berg en Dal was started some 35 years ago when the late Dr van Zyl (then a practicing veterinarian in the east of Pretoria) identified some shortcomings in the management of the “normal run of the mill kennel”.   He created a unique night quarters and camp system to accommodate your dog's basic needs.

In remembrance of Dr. van Zyl, who sadly passed away on 16 August 2011, we carry forth the unique concept, honouring him. His youngest daughter, Riette is since 2012 a qualified vet.

Berg en Dal Kennels and Cattery is situated on a small holding on the outskirts of Pretoria East, in an area known as Zwavelpoort.  The name "Berg en Dal" was derived from our beautiful setting meaning "mountain and valley", with a natural river running through and lush green paddocks for your dogs to exercise in.  Bringing your pet to us is giving them a holiday while you are enjoying yours!


Wieske and Antoinette do the handling, feeding and moving of your pets to and from camps and night quarters personally.

One of the main characteristics of Berg en Dal is that the handling of your pet is done on a very personal basis – all dogs are known by their names and their specific needs are accommodated on an individual basis, thus creating a trustworthy relationship with your pet, thus reducing stress levels.

Conditions such as cystitis, constipation and interdigital eczema are commonly found in dogs post kenneling – these conditions occur mainly because most dogs are house trained and normally mess in the garden. There are no facilities like this in a normal kennel and they are forced to urinate and defecate in their cages.  Berg en Dal's night quarters and camp system were created specifically to avoid these problems.

The cattery is cleaned on a continuous basis, as well as a thorough hygienic cleaning twice a day in order to keep the infection load of bacteria and viruses as low as possible.