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Your Trusted Pet Resort for dogs and cats

We specialize in reducing stress and anxiety in your dog and cat while you’re away by offering great boarding fascilities. Our cattery has been designed to create a spacious and calm atmosphere.

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Day Care

We provide recurring daycare for your dog, providing socialization, education and exercise. We firmly believe in structured play with structured rest time  and a safe environment for your pet.

Dog Boarding

Accommodated sleeping arrangements, walking, feeding, medication administration, structured group play.


Our in-house veterinarian ensures your pets are vaccinated against Parvo Virus, Rabies ,Feline calici virus and other vaccinations to ensure their body’s immune system responds to common diseases.

Professional VETS care and guaranteed quality

Whether you need to board your dog or cat for an overnight stay, for the weekend, a holiday or extended care, your pet will spend their days enjoying supervised open play and great company with other pets.

What our clients say about us

Going on vacation? Why not treat your dog to one as well?

Our friendly and attentive team will do everything possible to ensure Berg en Dal Kennels feels like a home away from home for your pet.

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We treat your pets the way they want to be treated

We have established a deserved reputation for ensuring that all animals spending time with us receive individual care and attention and we get to know each guest personally as many of them become regular visitors.Our attention to detail and care is second to none, exemplified by our customer satisfaction, and we are proud of the number of recommendations we receive.